Hire a skipper for sea trials

A full list of remaining contents on board & equipment held.

Condition of decks, rigging, sails, ropes, wood work, steering, winches, spray covers, anchors and windlass

Hull inspection, checking for movement in the props and various bushes, condition of anodes, checking for play in the rudder. Seals on sail drives, checking stern glands & moisture readings taken around the hull.

Brief engine checks including condition of oil, belts, water tanks, and pipes around the unit.

Making sure all systems on board are in good working order.

Condition of the interior; cushions, water makers, generators, heads, lights, bilges, water tanks, water pumps, showers & basins. Impeller condition, sea cocks, hatches, fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and gas installations.

BH Marine will provide a thorough report to you on the condition of the vessel. This report is a visual check and we accept no responsibility for the possible faults that occur on mechanical devices.

Photographs and the report will be delivered to you within 24 hours after the inspection.

We aim to deliver a alternative cheaper informative service, we are not expensive professional surveyors, if in doubt please call us so we can suggest other alternatives.

We aim to test every working system on board, running engines at full speed for a minimum of 10-15 minutes monitoring the engines visually, temperature gauges and oil pressures will also be checked every 30 seconds, trim tabs will also be tested.

Please contact us – Call: 0845 058 3935  |   Email: ben@bhmarine.co.uk