Buy the new edition of the RYA Weather Handbook and enjoy a SPECIAL BUNDLE DISCOUNT of 25% when you purchase both the print and eBook versions of this title together.

With revamped layouts, simplified diagrams and easy-to-understand text, this is the RYA’s most useful and relevant weather book yet.

RYA Resources Manager Craig Burton, said “Understanding the forecast and spotting the real world signs of changing weather is crucial for any boaters’ safety and enjoyment. We are very proud of the new edition of the RYA Weather Handbook. With its clean layouts and clear explanations it will benefit anyone who ventures out on the water.”

Crammed with information covering all aspects of theory including weather charts, clouds patterns, predicting the wind, and technology, this modernised book enables you to find weather forecasts more easily, interpret them accurately and make better decisions if the weather changes.

The new edition features detailed explanations of weather in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, while the eBook features bonus material such as slide shows, moving diagrams and clickable comparisons between hemispheres.

Sarah Pavey, E-Book Editor for the RYA, said “The extra space and animation possibilities that eBooks allow has enabled us to create more interactive diagrams, bringing explanations of trickier concepts like trade winds and climate change to life.”

The eBook has also been enhanced with a clickable glossary of some of the more complicated terms, allowing a deeper understanding of what is being described.

“We haven’t added features for the sake of it, we have tried to give added value. By making each explanation as clear as possible, we can make really difficult concepts even easier to understand,” explained Sarah.

The eBook is available via the RYA Books app, for PC, Mac OS, mobile devices and tablets. And, for the first time, you’ll be able to view it online on your web browser when you purchase the eBook from the RYA Shop.

Simply purchase a login from the RYA Shop to access your content through any web browser on any device.

As another first, the RYA Weather Handbook is now available to buy and download from the iBooks Store. Users of iOS mobile devices and Mac OS will love Apple’s intuitive features which give you the ability to search content, make notes and change font sizes, while allowing text to flow around images.

No matter which platform you choose, the RYA Weather Handbook boasts a wealth of enhanced digital content, including slideshows, galleries, animations and videos.

Steen Ingerslev, RYA Publications Manager, said that improving customers’ choice about the way they buy and store eBooks is a giant leap in digital advancement for the RYA.

He added “There are huge advantages to the new platforms we are using to publish our eBooks. It gives people much greater choice about how best they want to buy and access our much improved material.”

The new RYA Weather Handbook is available in paperback (G133) or as a handy eBook (E-G133), both priced £16.99, with 25% off when you buy them together.

  • To order your copy and to take advantage of this special bundle book offer visit the RYA web shop (, search RYA Weather Handbook to locate the titles, then click the bundle button when making your purchase.
  • RYA members also receive an additional 15% discount.