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Fire safety training exercise

STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

HYTHE MARINE PARK Shore Road, Hythe, Southampton SO45 6HE

2 days


Fireaid courses specialise in the safe prevention and practical fighting of fires in a tailor made venue. You will have the opportunity to practically learn how to manage real fire situations and further your skills in spotting hazards and dealing with developing fire situations.


  • Course Entry Requirements
    Students must be fit enough to participate in all aspects of the training. In particular, they must be capable of the practical aspects of the training and the physically demanding nature of some of the exercises involving live fires and the use of breathing apparatus.

  • Prerequisites
    Must be 16 years of age and above


Course Information

This is both a theoretical and practical course using our classrooms and purpose built facility.


Students will be taught in the correct use of breathing apparatus for search & rescue operations, utilising hoses, nozzles and extinguishers.


Completion of this course enables students to meet the required standard of competence in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.

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