Man overboard Part 1

Sailing isn’t a hugely dangerous sport, and you don’t want to scare your crew, but it pays to discuss Man Overboard. If you have a regular drill in place, then you could buy yourself valuable time should the unthinkable ever happen.
This is the accepted RYA Yachtmaster™ crew drill in the event of a Man Overboard:
  • Shout ‘man overboard’ to alert the crew.
  • Press the MOB button on the GPS.
  • Throw a life buoy and dan buoy to the MOB. Mark the MOB with a buoyant smoke flare.
  • Allocate a crewmember to point at the MOB in the water.
  • Send a DSC distress alert and a Mayday.
  • Keep pointing; don’t lose sight of the MOB.
  • If the motor has been started,
  • Prepare a throwing line.
  • The skipper will bring the boat alongside the MOB, with the boat pointing into the wind and the propeller stopped.
  • Get a line around the MOB and get them aboard.
Here is a short animation to show the figure of 8 method for MOB recovery.