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Dar Młodzieży

This year has been a year for magnificent ships to adorn our horizon.

I was fortunate enough to see this three-masted stunner whilst out walking, and decided to find out more, as she was too striking to ignore.

All white, with her name in gold, and the shield emblazoned with the Polish Eagle, The Dar Młodzieży was designed by Zygmunt Choren in Gdansk, and is the first of six sister ships built as training ships for the Polish and Russian Navy.

Owned by the Gdynia Maritime Academy since she was commissioned in 1982, she participates in Tall Ship races and was the first Polish-built vessel to circumnavigate the World.

Dar Młodzieży means “The Gift of Youth” and as she was partly financed by the gifts of schoolchildren this seems fitting.

She has cabins for 10 people and enough toilets and showers. There is a classroom for students to study in, a bar, and a well-equipped galley where tasty Polish cuisine is served.

Tourists can visit if they are lucky enough to catch her in port, and she has hosted many important guests, including members of the Royal families.

I wonder what I will be lucky enough to notice next….


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