Liferaft Transocean 6 Man

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ISAF Cat 1 & 2 <24Hour Canister

Developed from the ISAF standard, it is specially adapted to offshore racing. Designed for navigation in extreme conditions : large capacity and quantity of ballast pockets, large area drogue anchors, -15¦C inflation temperature, double insulating floor, fluo orange canopy with automatically erecting arch tube, 4.3 cd. outside light, radar- and retro-reflecting stripes. The Transocean ISAF also features a boarding ramp with an inside grab handle to ease embarking. This system allows the victim to hoist himself up on the ramp and then topple easily into the raft. Two types of survival equipment packs are available, depending on the expected time that the victim may spend in the raft waiting for the rescue teams : the emergency pack includes water and food (rescue forces expected after 24 hours) and a standard pack (rescue forces expected within 24 hours)


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