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Offshore survival training pool with life rafts

STCW Commercial Training

HYTHE MARINE PARK Shore Road, Hythe, Southampton SO45 6HE

5 days


Fireaid’s STCW course is normally a minimum requirement to work on a commercial vessel.


The Fire, First Aid, Sea Survival, Security Awareness and Personal Safety and Social Responsibility courses are delivered by extremely experienced instructors all of whom are serving or ex-fire service officers, with a maritime background having served at maritime training centres in the UK and Europe.


There are 5 main elements to your course:

  • Personal Survival Techniques
    Gives delegates the skills to survive at sea in the event of abandoning ship. This includes theoretical and pool based practical sessions using a life raft, immersion suit, life jacket and other survival equipment.


  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
    Using their purpose built facility they replicate conditions on-board which require delegates to extinguish fires and rescue casualties using breathing apparatus and fire fighting equipment.


  • Elementary First Aid
    Delegates will receive the knowledge and understanding of first aid techniques with the use of practical training sessions and presentations.


  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
    This element of the course is designed to give delegates knowledge of safety practices, pollution prevention responsibilities, life and culture on board a vessel.


  • Proficiency in Security Awareness
    Many vessels enter areas of security vulnerability. This can included domestic settings, ports and waters alongside international operations. This section will further your understanding and responsibilities.

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