Top 10 Ocean Gadgets!

proseries1. Pro Series HD Colours XFMHD Gen2

We love the idea of pimping out our boats with toys and gadgets and when you come into a port with these everybody knows you mean the business! Colours by ocean LED are the first high-powered colour change underwater LED light for boats that allow boat owners to choose the colour of their lights from an unlimited colour pallet.

Colours utilise the very latest 4-channel RGDW (Red/Green/Blue/White) High Definition LED’S. Controlled via DMX-512 through the vessels on board systems, or wirelessly via third party devices such as an iPad, iPhone or Android, Colours allows you to pre-program more than 40 static and dynamic colour scenes to set the mood enhance an on board event, strobe to attract fish, or even change the colour with the time of day.



garminquatixWith boats and their intricate systems and reading devices getting that bit more complicated and the difficult task of exchanging this data wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that data within arms distance following you around on the boat. Well here is the solution but be careful, as you can imagine it can be a little distracting!

There are what seems like an unlimited amount of functions on this watch but to name a few; race countdown timer, virtual starting line and tack assist, barometer, auto-calibrating altimeter, a 3-axis compass and temperature sensor. Plus it also shares data wirelessly with other compatible Garmin apps.

When paired with a Garmin GNT™ 10 NMEA Transceiver, you can wirelessly stream and view NMEA 2000 data, such as wind speed and direction, water depth, and more right on your wrist turning the novice boater into the seasoned veteran.

Garmin Quatix GPS Marine Watch also allows you to control a Garmin autopilot so you can move around on the boat while having information and control on your wrist. Another nifty safety feature, should a crewmember wearing a Garmin Quatix GPS Marine Watch fall overboard, it will automatically send an MOB alert to the chart plotter.

With Homeport™ marine planning software you can plan or review your adventures from your Windows® or Mac® computer. Create your course and download it to Garmin Quatix GPS Marine Watch.




3. GoPro Hero 4 black
We have all heard of this incredible little camera, which outdoes many of its larger counterparts. This had to be on our top 10 list as it is simply the best at what it does and is also compatible with many other activities making it a valuable investment. After all who wouldn’t want to relive their experiences on the water!



4. Quadh2o

quadh20Quadcopters are the news at the moment, there are hundreds of different models of quadcopters but this one specifically caught our eye. What sets it apart from the competition is that its specifically designed to be used on the water and is the only known quadcopter which can land and take of from the water. It boasts fast and agile flying capabilities making it perfect for taking shots of you and your boat while your cruising along. The only negative is that you have to use it with a GoPro but as mentioned before you can then take that camera and take some shots from inside your boat.



5.  Magellan ToughCase


The Magellan ToughCase is a fantastic idea for everyday use and for us boaters. It features a high sensitivity GPS chip set that enhances the accuracy of any location based and navigation app, which could prove useful if offshore. It also incorporates internal battery that automatically charges your iPhone. These two innovations coupled with its protection from the elements (waterproof and drop-proof) make it a worthy candidate for our list! 




6. Cpod

cpodCars, phones, bikes are all subject to thievery and boats are no exception. It seems silly all of the extra precautions we make to make sure our property is thief proof when we do nothing to protect our boats. If you are guilty of this the cpod should be you next purchase!

The system lets you survey a number of functions on board your boat in an other continent, from your computer at home, your smart phone or from a reading pad. The system permits up to 10 different alarm receivers to get alerts by email or text message. The communication between you and your boat, are routed over our central servers which gives us the possibility to transfer information to the Police or Coast guard around the world.

This enables you to monitor if your boat is being moved, intrusion or break-ins, if the boat´s batteries are losing power, temperature on board, fire or smoke. You can also follow your boats positions around the world, regardless if you are on board or not. A great feature for boats that are chartered. In addition to these functions you can activate (or deactivate) electronic equipment on board your boat.



7.  Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter


This cool little pocket gadget can turn your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool. It allows you to take accurate wind readings, at wind speeds from 1 – 40 m/s , with a precision of +/- 4%,  measuring the wind direction with a precision of +/- 10 degrees. We think this an excellent tool and deserves a place on our list.




waterbuoy8.  Water Buoy

Never lose anything overboard again! Clip your Water buoy onto practically anything under 1Kg and it’ll come to our rescue when you need it. It’s designed using a special balloon which seals itself on inflation which allows it to float for up to 24 hours. It is also the first miniature flotation device that’s visible when dark which is vital when most items are lost overboard at night.




9.  Hot Rox


Staying warm is key when on the water whatever the time of year and in the winter its paramount. Normally in these circumstances its your hands which suffer, these chargeable pocket hand warmers are the solution. When its cold and your hands are numb you don’t want to be fumbling about with boiling or microwaving a hand warmer, hot rox though is instant. It also stays hot for a whole 6 hours without recharging and is small enough to fit in your pocket so is there for when you need it.




10. Afterguard

afterguardThis could be the new must have sailing apparel that everyone will be using and is something boaters and non boaters alike will be interested in. Sailboat racing has evolved with the technology era and is now driven by data and instrumentation. The difference between winning and losing is the ability to adapt a carefully orchestrated plan to the ever-changing natural and competitive environment, faster than the competition. Having the right information at the right time can be that difference.


The Afterguard system is a pair of sunglasses which provides this information by combining a fighter pilot style HUD with boat instrumentation data to give the best situational intelligence and performance metrics at a glance, on a small display mounted on sunglasses made for the harshest of environments. A number of screens and features are available to the user, for example in a race environment the start sequence At a glance the user will know with certainty how the boat is tracking to the start line, freeing the crew to concentrate on the speed build and competition, for the perfect start. This is made possible by the intelligent time-to-kill metric that uses the boat’s current heading and speed to calculate the exact amount of time the boat must kill before crossing the line precisely at the gun.




It certainly has a lot of potential but we will have to see when it comes out, although rumour has it that they are already in use by the Americas cup teams. Keep your eyes peeled!

If you would like us to source the product on your behalf then please do get in touch ben@bhmarine.co.uk