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5 Day Own Boat Tuition

5 days


A full and extensive course which is perfect for vessel owners who have bought a new boat and require intensive coaching in how it handles. With a qualified member of our team by your side, we can tailor the course to your requirements and confidence levels to ensure you have a smooth transition onto the water.


BH Marine specialises in training and has the use of its own classroom. We can offer tuition on your boat so that you can practically benefit from the knowledge of our qualified skippers. As we train up to Masters levels, out team has the expertise to help you tailor your plan depending on your strengths and development points.


Typically we can offer assistance in the following areas although this list is not exhaustive. If you wish to develop a skill not on this list, please don't hesitate to contact us.


  • Understanding the systems on board your vessel

  • Understand the engines on board

  • Theory chart work

  • Passage planning and understanding Solas V

  • Weather forecasting

  • Safety briefing and equipment

  • Use of knots and lines

  • Crew communication and safety / risk awareness

  • Mooring practice with wind and tide awareness

  • Confined space moves with wind and tide awareness

  • Anchoring Man over board

  • Mooring up to a buoy High speed moves including U turns

  • Night time navigation with radar use

  • Pilotage planning

  • Understanding and setting a route on the plotter

  • Assisted passage to any location

  • Confidence building

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