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Versatile for your needs

BH Marine specialises in a wide range of marine surveying options that suit the vast majority of clients needs. We are incredibly versatile with a style that is pragmatic, honest and confidential. BH Marine has a proven successful track record in the industry working with many high value clients and respected brokers. Our unique style of report writing allows for extremely quick turnaround, with time frames negotiable.  Our qualified team can provide the following.  If you require more please don't hesitate to contact us.

The Complete Survey Package

There are plenty of types of survey that BH Marine can provide - a Pre-Purchase Survey are our most common. This will look at as many aspects of the vessel as possible, from structural integrity and safety of systems, right through to cosmetic details. This is designed to identify the good and bad points of a craft, giving our clients (you) a very good idea of any problems that need correction - and to what extent they should be reflected in the purchase price. 


Our surveys carry out an assessment of the critical components, including the hull, the propulsive equipment and the condition of all mechanical gear, an inspection of the hull and transom for cracks, osmosis and impact damage. They will also involve an inspection of the engine and drive to help reveal any issues with the mountings, shafts, oil leaks or connections. An inspection of the critical control systems, deck hardware, fittings, communications and safety equipment will be undertaken.  BH Marine will also carry out sea trials on vessels as part or exclusive from the survey as required. 

Flexible Service 

BH Marine also provide the following types of survey or variations on the Pre-Purchase survey where requested:


  • Pre-delivery Surveys 

  • Insurance Surveys 

  • Codification advice 

BH Marine can also provide specific guidance on any one of these features if required.