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Boat Training, RYA Training In Weymouth Dorset

Fast track RYA Yachtsmaster COC and Training Programme Sail or Power




This course should be taken by individuals who are looking to enter the marine industry commercially and wish to be able to work as a member of crew with the potential to be a deck officer or captain. With a high level of experience in helping potential skippers gain miles and experience for over 20 years, BH Marine will enable you to fully experience a full range of teaching and vessels to aid your professional qualification. Shorebased course.


This course brings together the prestigious fast track training provided by the team at BH Marine and offers the fully commercial qualification, Yachtsmaster COC, in one deal.  

Based on, and we am assuming here, no or limited experience to date, you will need to complete the following courses:  


  1. Competent crew 

  2. VHF DSC marine radio course 

  3. Day Skipper theory online or classroom with us 

  4. Day Skipper practical 

  5. Gain experience with us or others on deliveries to get your miles

  6. PPR Exam on line with the RYA 

  7. Coastal / Yacht Master Theory online or in a classroom with us

  8. Coastal skipper practical course 

  9. Gain more experience with us or others on deliveries to get your miles

  10. ENG1 with an MCA approved doctor locally, I can book you in with the doctor, no needles just sight, hearing and physical examination to make sure you are ok.

  11. Diesel Engine maintenance course 

  12. Yacht maintenance and systems on board 

  13. Radar course 

  14. Yacht Master Prep 4 days 

  15. Yacht Master Exam 1 day - Booked directly with the RYA with our preferred examiners

  16. Surveying boats with us, this is to get to know boats and their systems very well. 


All in all you are looking at an investment of £12,500 (for sail only) £15200 (for power) in yourself, plus RYA exam fees of £230. An example return from a client whom has completed similar training is a 3-6 months on the super yachts or the wind farms or even local deliveries or ships at yacht master level. We have a lot of contacts in the industry and everyone who successfully completed and passed a course with us is currently working in the industry which is great but not always guaranteed.  We can also assist with your marine CV giving you a template to work from. Bear in mind that our competitors can not touch us on what we offer and if they did the fee would be in in the region of £18,000+


Please bear in mind (if you need the mileage, 2500 miles required which i think you have but you will be required to do 5 skippered passages) we offer the deliveries mileage for free and we pay some of your expenses, flights etc, the majority of other schools will charge you for this. The reason we can offer this is due to the number of yacht brokers we work with and the number of deliveries we currently engage in. You may already have some experience and mileage which we can discuss. We also encourage you to seek delivery experience as much as you can on your own as this builds on your experience base.


Our style is fun and informal natural instructing, whilst being OCD on safety at sea. We operate European wide for deliveries and our training centre is based on the beautiful Jurassic coast line in Dorset.


Let me know your thoughts on these courses which is a lot of fun! We also offer a fast track for power driven vessels also, you can earn more money on the power driven twin engine boats than sail, you could do a combined course for sail and power costing an additional £6,000 to the above price, this will give you better access also to the market place with multi skilled qualifications. Just a thought.

For more information on this course and to speak with us or meet us for a coffee please contact us on 07515 663799 or email Thank you (:

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