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Safety at Sea is For All

The video below highlights the need for all seafarers, whether experienced or novices to take enormous care when exercising manoeuvres in vessels.

BH Marine has an exemplary safety record with all of our skippers and vessels fully complying with the Passenger Safety on Small Commercial High Speed Craft & Experience Rides voluntary Code of Practice. This document recommends and promotes safe practice on vessels to help avoid tragic accidents at sea.

The example above does highlight some key points which are relevant to everyone who is a boat owner in keeping their passengers and vessels safe. The first is complacency. You might know your vessel well and how it operates at speed, however, it is paramount that you operate with caution regardless. The skipper here was commercial and had good knowledge of the area. He also gave a safety brief to the passengers on board the vessel. An accident still occurred.

You might know the area of water you are operating in well. However, you must always ensure that you are able to be safe in prevailing conditions and for the amount of traffic that you might encounter.

The lateral marker buoy that was hit in this incident was a large, and seemingly obvious object to avoid. At speed, obstructions can be lethal as, sadly, was the case in this avoidable incident. The reaction time to avoid such objects is minimal at speed. Always ensure you are operating at a speed where you can control the vessel.

In busy waters and in main shipping lanes, your actions can cause significant confusion to other vessels if you are not clear about your intentions. Steer clear of main shipping lanes and try and find safer waters if you are to test the vessel at speed.

Safe boating is happy boating. Stay safe.


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