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Sunshine, Superyachts & Secret Career Opportunities

It’s that time of year again, back to college, university, apprenticeships or the “dead end job” that isn’t going anywhere soon. Meanwhile the yachting industry has an incredible shortage of crew!

Owning or chartering a multi-million-pound superyacht is an exclusive hobby, but behind the glamour there is a whole team of workers keeping everything ship-shape. The number of superyachts being built is increasing each year. Owing to this there is now a shortage of skilled workers to crew them. Working on a superyacht is not a holiday, but the rewards can be very generous and it’s a great way to see the world in style. Read on to find out all you need to know about what careers are available, the training and certification you will need and more.

What you need to know!

Most crew are not from a boating background! You don’t need to be an experienced Yachtmaster or Michelin Star chef to become employed on a superyacht. However, experience in water sports, fishing, personal training, yoga or similar leisure field will definitely help. Don’t worry if you have never worked on board a boat. Most people have already got previous experiences and existing qualifications that will help you secure your dream job.

What do I need? Qualifications or Experience?

To kick-start your career in yachting you will need some basic training to legally allow you to work on board. Combine the basic qualifications with a ‘can do’ attitude and you are well on your way to getting paid to work in the sunshine!

Step 1 – You will need an ENG1 Medical (1 hour)

This is an industry standard health check, nothing to be worried about if you are fit and healthy without any serious health problems. It covers eyesight, hearing, reactions and basic health questions.

Step 2 – STCW Basic Safety Training (5 Days)

This training covers the key areas of Personal survival, Firefighting, First Aid, Social Responsibility and security awareness if required. This training takes five consecutive days and lasts for 5 years. It’s a great opportunity to meet likeminded people within the industry, weather that’s from cruise ships, commercial workboats or superyachts. No experience is required, just bring yourself and a can do attitude!

Step 3 – Experience and Attitude!

Yachts and recruiters love relevant work experience and proof of work ethic even if it’s not boat based! You will be amazed at how a background in hospitality, Sports, beauty, hairdressing, carpentry, mechanics or media can influence your yachting CV.

The more experience and skills you can offer the better! If you are new to boating and the industry getting some training under your belt ranging from RYA Powerboating, Superyacht Tender Driving, Marine Radio Licence to name a few will set you apart from the other candidates. What every Captain and recruiter looks for is a desire to work and be part of a crew. In short, if you have a great work ethic you will go far in this industry.

What to expect working in Yachting

Working on board has many benefits including competitive salary’s (Usually TAX Free) with a share of the tips if you are on charter season. Salaries are very competitive ranging from £2500+ for entry level positions with guest tips on top that can be as much as the salary again! Most yachts will have WiFi available so you will be able to keep in contact with friends and family. Most crew work, eat and sleep on board. The superyacht will become your home from home and the crew your family. In most cases the on board chef cook all your meals while on board unless you are the chef! Your will have a written contract specifying your duties, salary, and holiday. Uniforms are included along with insurance and health care options.

How can I find out more?

BH Marine Academy offer FREE career advice for the marine industry and provide a straightforward career pathway to reach your goal in the industry. We have assisted hundreds of successful clients from all walks of life join the industry and our qualified clients are working all over the world. Training can take as little as two weeks!

Our team of professionals will assist you with getting the most effective CV, Contacts within the yacht recruitment industry, work experience and ultimately the dream lifestyle change.

If you are looking for a career with worldwide travel, working in the sunshine and endless opportunity’s, Why not explore what the yachting industry can offer you.

Author: Eliott Kingsley - Partner BH Marine LLP


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