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Breathtaking Chesil Beach

Updated: May 15, 2021

Chesil Beach creates a natural barrier against coastal tides, making it a protective habitat for lots of different plants and wildlife. Stretching 18 miles along the Jurassic Coast and encompassing a Fleet and shallow lagoon, it ranges from shingle at West Bay to pebbles at Portland, holding approximately 180 million pebbles in total!

There are many spectacular walks and opportunities for new experiences along Chesil beach - sailing, water sports, diving and rock climbing are popular choices. There are also lots of peaceful fishing spots. Many people choose to fish for Mackerel from Portland, and you can often see tents and the glow of campfires on the shore where fishermen cook their evening’s catch – it’s a truly magical sight.

As well as the variety of activities, there are some wonderful places to visit; there is the Chesil Beach Centre if you want to learn more about the ocean and wildlife, there is the Hive Beach Café at West Bay (I can recommend breakfast there), there is Abbotsbury Swannery and Tropical Gardens, and lots of other quaint villages and pitstops.

There are so many reasons to visit Chesil Beach – it is an outstanding beauty spot in our part of the world.


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